The History of O'Skot

Jess and Lu met in 1989. Lu had been "doing dogs" for about 10 years, breeding, showing and training Shelties in obedience, agility and conformation. Jess, who had always wanted to show pure-bred dogs, caught the bug & together they formed O'Skot, with Lu still showing Shelties and adding Jess' talent for grooming and photography.

Helen Jesse
Helen Jesse

Luanne Dunham
Luanne Dunham

Over the past years Jess' job necessitated moving to Ohio, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, and now Georgia. It was difficult to maintain a presence in the dog fancy to say the least, but O'Skot has survived! In 1994, Lu had a back injury while on the job and was pretty much totally disabled until a miraculous surgery in January 1997. Even though Lu had a great recovery, showing Shelties was no longer possible - a severe weight restriction meant that she couldn't lift them onto a table. Unwilling to face not being able to "show dogs" in addition to Lu losing her nursing career - "Jess N Lu" began to search for a new breed that they could love and become devoted to. Shortly after A.K.C. recognition they discovered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and sought to learn as much about the breed as possible.

As if by fate, while living in Colorado, we went to a dog show and met the first AKC CKCS champion, CH. Wye Rebound of Rattlebridge and were immediately smitten. It was only natural that once time and health permitted we took a trip to Marengo, Ohio and fell in love with the Rattlebridge Cavaliers. That very trip we came home with our first Cavalier, Ditto, now, CH. Rattlebridge Ditto Master, CD. He soon became the most loved and most spoiled dog in the history of Cavaliers.

Ditto with toys.
Ditto's motto: "He with the most toys wins!"

Soon, we were thrilled with a new addition to our family. In October 1999, Scorcher arrived. Now, CH. Rattlebridge Hotlanta Night, CGC, the first born son of multiple BIS, multiple BISS, CH. Rattlebridge Masterpiece (aka Rubens), #1 Cavalier in the U.S. for the year 2000.

   Scorcher Profile

Then we were really hooked! We are now the proud parents of lots of Cavaliers, at least three of each color.. O’Skot is proud of our 15 Champions. (See O'Skot Kids for pix and pedigrees.)  

Fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some exceptional Cavaliers, Lu was able to show and finish 9 Cavaliers to their A.K.C. championship in one year. Lu's full time job became the Cavaliers. She worked as a professional handler for several years and has finished over 15 champions. In 2001, Lu focused on getting our CH. Peglen's All Things Considered (aka Jesse) ranked as a top ten breed and top twenty all breed which resulted in an invitation to the first AKC Eukanuba American Dog Show Classic. Lu has confirmed the versatility of Cavaliers by earning both CGC & CD titles on two of our Cavaliers. Now we are focused on our own dogs, not handling for others any longer. We enjoy showing our own dogs especially from the bred by class.